The Lanzarote Maritime Orientation Sports Club Mourn His Death


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The Lanzarote Maritime Orientation Sports Club has expressed its "deep regret" and "immense sadness" when announcing the death of the minor from Guinea Bissau Ibrahima Cámara , a young football promise who died in Lanzarote at the age of 14.

The minor died after being run over this past Saturday on the highway between Arrecife and San Bartolomé. As revealed by the club, Ibrahima was waiting to be officially signed by the club , but he was already part of the sports family and actively participated in training and showing talent, enthusiasm and dedication on the field.

"Ibrahima came to the team with big dreams and a promising future , not only on the field of play, but in every aspect of his life," they said from the club, from where they revealed that "his passion for football, his commitment "With teamwork they left an indelible mark on all those who had the privilege of knowing him and sharing with him. His departure not only leaves a void in our hearts, but also in the spirit of our club."

Along these lines, the team has highlighted that "in these moments of immeasurable pain, our thoughts and prayers are with Ibrahima's family, his friends and loved ones, both in Lanzarote and Guinea Bissau. We recognize that the loss of a loved one "This is an extremely difficult time and we want to express our sincerest empathy and support to everyone affected by this tragic loss."

Furthermore, as a sign of mourning, the Lanzarote Maritime Orientation Sports Club has decided to suspend all training sessions scheduled for this Monday. "We want to give our players, coaching staff and the entire club community the space to reflect and honor Ibrahima's memory. It will be a moment for us, as a sports family, to unite in solidarity and mutual support,"