The Largest Cured Cheese in the World is in Lanzarote


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It weighs more than 200 kilos and for its preparation more than 1,800 litres of goat milk have been necessary.

The Lanzarote meat company Roper has exhibited at its shop in Playa Honda, in the municipality of San Bartolomé, the largest cured cheese in the world, weighing more than 200 kilos and more than 1,800 litres of goat's milk, as reported this Thursday in a statement.

The piece has been made the traditional way by the firm cheeses Bolaños, who has matured the cheese for ten months at its facilities in Gran Canaria prior to the transfer to Lanzarote.

With its initiative to commission the development of the giant cheese, Ropers intend to turn the event into a tasting for their customers and the publi

This craftsmanship Cheese Bolaños will be on display until Saturday, November 21st , when it will proceed to be courted by credentialed teacher artisans from Gran Canaria.

The act of cutting the cheese will have the recommended sanitary measures and the capacity will be limited, promoting the activity in the initiative "moments to share" aimed at offering customers unique gastronomic experiences.