The Latest Hospital Waiting Figures


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A total of 2,121 people were waiting to be treated by some medical specialty in the first half of the year in Lanzarote . This is revealed by the information released by the Canarian Health Service this Tuesday. This represents a growth of 4.6% compared to the same period in 2022.

The most in-demand area on the island is Dermatology, with a total of 351 patients waiting to be treated in this specialty at the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital . At the same time, in all the hospitals of the Archipelago, nearly 29,800 people are waiting for a consultation with this specialty.

While the Rehabilitation consultation had two hundred unattended patients between January and June of this year.

In particular, the outpatient consultations of Neurosurgery, Cardiac, Maxillofacial, Pediatric, Plastic and Reconstructive, and Thoracic Surgery did not have patients waiting as of last June 2023. The opposite occurs with General and Digestive Surgery, with 86 patients. waiting; or Angiology and Vascular Surgery, with 47.

Below 100 patients were the areas of Ophthalmology (93), Neurology (98), Pulmonology (43), Nephrology (38), Internal Medicine (41), Hematology (90), Gynecology (43), Endocrinology (61) , Digestive (85), Cardiology (29) and Allergy (83).

Meanwhile, the areas of Urology (152), Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery (138), Rheumatology (141), Pediatrics (157), Otorhinolaryngology (114) then exceeded one hundred positions without being attended to.

Meanwhile, in terms of mental health, the specialty of Psychiatry had 31 people waiting their turn in that period of time .

Waiting lists for complementary tests

On waiting lists for complementary tests in Lanzarote, there are more than 142 people waiting to have a simple ultrasound . The delay time to perform this test at the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital is 191.92 days. In the Canary Islands there are 8,333 people waiting to take this test.

On the waiting list to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , there are 46 people waiting their turn. In this case, the delay time exceeds 110 days. In the entire Archipelago, 1,428 users require this medical examination.

For a mammogram, the time to take the test takes 68.94 days and there were 17 patients waiting.

Fourthly, 14 users were waiting until June 2023 to have a Computerized Axial Tomography, popularly known as CT. In this case it has a delay of 19.21 days.

To have an echocardiogram on the island there was an average delay time of 210 days , the highest among the complementary tests at the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital.

In the endoscopy, a delay of 33.31 days is stipulated and there were 13 patients in the queue.

Waiting lists in surgical specialties

At the same time, most surgical specialties have a waiting list of less than six months in Lanzarote. In total there are 1,646 people on the island waiting for surgery, the majority for less than six months. The average delay time is 100 days for an operation.

Thus, only the Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery area has a list of 321 patients who have been waiting for more than six months and another 574 who have been waiting for less than six months. In total, 895 people wait an average of 149.10 days to be operated on in this specialty.

After this, the areas with the most surgical waiting lists are Urology (201), General and Digestive Surgery (215), Urology (201) and Ophthalmology (152). After them, Otorhinolaryngology, with 76 users; Gynecology, with 56; and Angiology and Vascular Surgery, with 51 patients.