The Main Trial of Stratvs Winery Starts with a 15 Year Jail Request


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The trial is expected to last for 25 days starting in Lanzarote and finishing in Gran Canaria. Ten people are accused with a request for 15 years in jail for Juan Francisco Rosa the owner of the winery.

Altogether 17 people have been charged in the case which revolves around the excesses of undermining the environment to the detriment of all Lanzarote residents.

Juan Francisco Rosa asked for a licence to restore a protected home and to build a 900 metre warehouse, instead he demolished the house, built a larger new one and a warehouse of 12,000 metres on protected land. He then carried out all kinds of events without permissions and went on to build a shop and a restaurant.

The protected area has 44,000 cubic metres which have been irreversibly altered to the detriment of La Geria.