The National Police Bust Drug Gang in Arrecife, Madrid and Gerona


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total of 11 house searches have been carried out in Arrecife, Madrid and Gerona in which 3 kilos of cocaine and 3 kilos of heroin were seized, more than 62,000 euros seized and 15 people arrested.

Agents of the National Police have arrested 15 people between the ages of 27 and 66 in Arrecife, Madrid and Gerona, 13 of them with police records, as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health and criminal organization.

In the last months of last year and the first of this year, the National Police detected on their arrival at the César Manrique airport in Lanzarote, a total of seven people (all of them from Guinea Bissau and Portugal) who tried to introduce hidden narcotic substances inside their body or luggage.

An investigation was then started that allowed uncovering the presence on the island of a criminal organization with branches in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Salt (Gerona), dedicated to trafficking cocaine and heroin on the island of Conejera.

Finally, on April 4th, a series of eleven house searches began, nine of them in Lanzarote , another in Madrid and one last in Gerona with a final result of 15 detainees (originally from Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Morocco and the Dominican Republic) and , 62,200 euros intervened and 3 kilos of cocaine seized, in addition to 3 kilos of heroin.