The New Normality Arrives in The Canary Islands on Thursday

Canary Islands

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The president of the Canary Islands, Angel Víctor Torres, assured that the Canary Islands will enter the new normal after the next government council meeting, initially scheduled for Thursday, although the leader did not rule out that it could be held earlier. In it, will be the decree that will regulate the last stage of the de-escalatio approval.

At a press conference at the end of the last meeting of regional presidents with the head of the Government of Spain, with Pedro Sánchez, to discuss the decisions regarding the de-escalation, Ángel Víctor Torres also made clear that the virus exists and, if it is weaker now , "but it is up to us" to eliminate it.

"It was an almost summary meeting and a kind of farewell because not having to meet within seven days means that Spain has moved towards the 'new normal' and that the worst is over," he said.

The Canarian president has acknowledged that at some moments of the crisis the Executive that he presides over "did not see the horizon" and has affirmed that, although there are currently people who are not present, most are still here, at a time when The most complicated situation is not the sanitary one, but the economic one.

Ángel Víctor Torres has revealed that there are three people affected by Covid-19 in the intensive care units of Canarian hospitals, and he stressed that this is the smallest number of infections since the state of alarm began.