The Pension They Are Going to Cut is Yours

Canary Islands

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Turning years and getting old is something that will affect us all. The fight for decent working conditions is important. It is a fight for the here and now, and also for our future and that of our families. However, one more issue needs to be taken into account so that this struggle does not lack true perspective. Therefore, we must begin to think that the problem of pensions affects us all, and affects us a lot.

Regardless of how old we are and our current situation, we all hope that, one day, we can stop working. For this reason, it is essential to clarify, first, that pensions do not only affect those people who are already retired or who are close to retirement. Furthermore, those who are least affected by the problem and the future of pensions are those who are already collecting them.

Pensions depend to a large extent on the jobs of people who are active. The more precarious, the more uncertainty regarding pensions. Therefore, the fight to guarantee our future must be comprehensive, thinking not only of today, but also of tomorrow.

The recent Pact of the so-called social agents with the government, in our point of view normalizes the precariousness of current pensions, compromising future ones, with a clear intention of dismantling the public pension system to privatize them in order to increase the benefits of the richest at the expense of the welfare of the working class.

Statements such as those of the Minister of Exclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, should put us on our guard, even more so. The minister has declared that people born between 1950-1970 (baby boomers generation) will have to make a complementary effort, or what is the same: retire later and charge less. The umpteenth argument to justify the cut of pensions by the minister placed by the bank in the government of Spain.

It is about demoralizing citizens by trying to explain that it is a technically unaffordable right that we must renounce.

Regardless of one's date of birth, the problem of pensions is a crucial issue for everyone's future. We call on the entire working class to demand a public pension system, both pensioners and active persons.