The Price of Housing Soars in Lanzarote


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The price of housing continues to rise in most municipalities of Lanzarote, such as Teguise and Yaiza, which have once again set their historical highs in the month of May , according to data from the Idealista portal.

Specifically, in Teguise the price is 2,135 euros per square meter, 1.7% more than in April, while in Yaiza it exceeds its previous figure by 2.4%, up to 2,565 euros . In addition, these increases are greater when compared to the same period in 2021, since Teguise rose 8% year-on-year and Yaiza 13.7%.

Arrecife recorded the most striking increase in May with the square meter at 1,353 euros, 9.9% more than in April and 1.1% more than last year. Meanwhile, in San Bartolomé the price of housing rose by 2.5% this month, standing at 2,090 per square meter and, in interannual terms, it rose by 13.8%.

However, it is important to mention that the figures do not rise in all areas of the island. Specifically, Tinajo experiences the steepest drop with a monthly decrease of 11.8%, leaving just 1,400 euros per square meter. In addition, it also fell -14.3% year-on-year.

In Haría, it fell by 0.9% when compared to the previous month, marking a total change in trend, with a square meter at 1,730 euros. And, if the data for 2021 is taken into account, the cost increases by 11.2%.

Finally, the municipality of Tías did not register any change compared to April, with the price at 2,579 per square meter, although it rose 9.3% year-on-year.