Think! A Letter From A Canarian Nurse

Canary Islands

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The Tenerife nurse Alejandro Cano has published on his Facebook account an open letter to all the people who, after a year and a half of pandemic, still do not comply with the prevention measures against the coronavirus and that have led to the alarming increase in infections, and also to a growing wave of hospitalisations on the islands. Cano recalls that the virus is still out there and that the consequences left to people who contract it are devastating. Below we reproduce the letter from the nurse.

To that person who goes through everything:

You keep going from party to party, from bottle to bottle without wearing a mask, without distance, going from everything and in all areas of your life.

Here we wait for you, or what is worse and more likely, here we will wait for your own children, your father, your mother, your grandparents; your loved ones will pay for your unconsciousness.

Please think, you have to live, you have to enjoy, yes, but wouldn't it be better to do it with caution today to be able to do it as always.

When this happens? What will happen!

You cannot imagine how hard it is to drown, that you open your mouth and do not get air , that fatigue prevents you from getting up to go to the bathroom and you have to do it yourself if you do not have someone to take care of you, the fever eats soul 24 hours of the day and day after day, your young heart starts to fail, to give you a stroke or pulmonary embolism and feel that you could die in a minute .. .

You can't imagine the aftermath; that your hands go to sleep, that you forget things as if you had a brain crushed by the years , that suddenly your head hurts every day of your life, that your hair falls out, that you were left with a lung capacity reduced that limits you and prevents you from going to party again.

And it is not only the responsibility of the youth, we must all take extreme measures and do so in all circumstances where there are personal interactions. Neither the hotel industry, nor public transport ... nor is the citizen solely responsible, in fact it is not a question of looking for those responsible but rather of putting the focus on responsible behavior.

Although I am very clear that the primary responsibility for good management lies with the politician, the manager on duty, and from there it falls on each and every one of us. It may be hard to relate the consequences, but it is harder to live them or for someone to have to live them for you, because of your lack of common sense, lack of sensitivity towards the most vulnerable people.