This is a Disgrace!


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The facilities of the animal shelter Sara have suffered a new robbery, which has left significant damage to the premises. “We are once again dismayed. We are very angry and helpless at the destruction they do to take anything, for little money . It is much more difficult for us to replace everything that has been destroyed”.

As they explain, this robbery has added to another that they suffered last year, and the thieves have broken doors and furniture, "taking what little was in the office."

“We have had some very hard years economically speaking and making a superhuman effort to be able to continue caring for all the street cats that come to us sick with mange, who have no one to take care of them and at the same time to be able to attend to all the animals we have in the shelter”, explains one of the staff.

"We need that money to be able to continue serving them and not to spend it on repairing locks, security doors or the alarm system,". In addition, they send a message to the assailants: "From now on, the little collection box will be collected every afternoon, so please, do not destroy our hostel again, there is no money."

The theft has already been reported to the Police and from Sara they affirm that they have also delivered the images from the security cameras, in order to locate the authors.