Tías Rejects the Installation of Marine Cages


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The Tías City Council has hired the legal services for the direction and legal advice corresponding to the resources that it announces that it is going to file against the order of February 11, 2021 , which approves the detailed management of the ZIA Aquaculture Area of Interest LZ-2 , which allows the placement of marine cages off the coast of Arrecife, San Bartolomé and Tías.

The government group formed by PSOE, Lanzarote Avanza (LAVA) and Lanzarote en Pie Sí Podemos, agreed to present allegations to this document through administrative channels, although it does not rule out going to court and initiating a contentious procedure, to avoid the placement of the marine cages in the municipality, "due to the impact on the quality of the waters in an area that depends economically on the quality of its beaches, with transparent waters and very diverse marine life without additives."

The order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands proposed a Regional Plan for the Management of Aquaculture of the Canary Islands (PROAC) that was approved in 2018, and includes as an area of interest for aquaculture all the in front of the coast that comes from Arrecife and San Bartolomé to the area of Los Pocillos and the San Antonio hotel.

Watch this space!