Tourist Apartments in Lanzarote Have the Highest Rates in the Canary Islands at Easter


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With an average price of 130 euros per night , tourist apartments in Lanzarote have the highest rates in the entire archipelago for Easter. This is confirmed by the Holidu vacation rental and apartment portal , which analyzed prices and occupancy in the different regions of the country during the festivities.

Next, Gran Canaria , where the average stood at 113 euros per night. In La Palma the room costs an average of 109 euros, while in Tenerife and La Gomera , they are rented for 104 and 100 euros respectively. The cheapest rentals are in El Hierro with an average of 93 euros per night. Thus, the Canary Islands average stands at 109 euros per night, the third lowest in the country.

In terms of occupancy , only La Palma, with 91%, surpasses Lanzarote in the archipelago. The island of Conejera is tied for second place with Tenerife, since 81% of its places are occupied on both islands.

Prices in Lanzarote coincide with the national average

However, both the occupancy and the prices of tourist apartments in Lanzarote coincide with the national average, which stood at 130 euros per night and an occupancy rate of 80% .

Three Spanish autonomies surpass the Canary Islands in occupancy figures. The Valencian Community occupies the first place with an occupancy of 91% , in second place Andalusia with 87% , third place the Balearic Islands with 85% .

Regarding rates , the average price in the Canary Islands is the third lowest in the country. Only in Galicia , with an average price of 104 euros per night, and Murcia with about 106 euros per room, have lower rates.

The highest rates in the country are found in the Balearic Islands where the average reached 204 euros per night. Next, Madrid , where a room costs an average of 181 euros, and the Basque Country , where it is 163 euros on average.

Among the countries with the most affordable accommodation for the month of April are Croatia with an average price of 90 euros per night, France 111 euros, Germany 117 , Portugal 120 and Italy for 125 euros.

Among the most used search filters when looking for accommodation, we find the need for tourist apartments that allow pets (26%) , private pool (23%), internet (18%), private garden (17%) ), parking space (14%), television (13%) and dishwasher (11%).