Tourist occupancy at Easter Could Reach 80 per cent


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The tourist sector of Lanzarote remains optimistic for Easter and expects to reach 80% occupancy , at least on holidays and the weekend.

Although consumers continue to experience some uncertainty when booking due to possible coronavirus infections, the lifting of restrictions at the national and European level has boosted reservations to Lanzarote, especially last minute ones.

"The occupancy forecast in a survey was 70%, but we hope that in these last 15 days we will reach 80% with last minute reservations, " says Susana Pérez, president of the Tourist Federation of Lanzarote (FTL) and of Asolan.

Since the relaxation of the measures for the entry of British tourists to the island, the numbers have improved. "We convinced the central government to understand that England is a very important country for tourism on the island," says the president of Asolan.

Lanzarote promotes national tourism

Despite the fact that the British, Germans and Scandinavians tend to be the most numerous tourists on the islands at Easter, the Spanish themselves will also contribute to reaching the expected percentage thanks to the increase in air seats between the archipelago and the peninsula, as well as the increase of inter-island connections by shipping companies.