Trapped Family Rescued on a Road in Famara


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The Civil Guard of the main post of Costa Teguise was alerted at 17:10 through the Operational Service Center (COS) by a couple who were with their young son trapped in a gorge located on a dirt road that runs from the beach known as the Papelillo to the water house in Famara.

They were leaning on a stone without the possibility of moving to any direction for fear of falling off the extreme precipice, when they lost the path they were following on foot.

The Civil Guard patrol activated the emergency services and began the initial search together; with the ERMELAN high altitude rescue team to make a journey on foot along the shore of Famara beach while a team of Arrecife firefighters made this journey along the dirt road that includes the beach of the Papelillo with the water house to try to find out exactly the location of the family.

Once they were located by the Civil Guard together with EMERLAN, they began to ascend up the mountain to the location, finding them in a state of shock but in good health.

Rescued and out of danger, this family decided to leave in their private vehicle without requiring medical assistance.