Two Men Detained After Incident at Hospital Emergency Department


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It happened in the early hours of Saturday and two workers suffered injuries. In addition, those arrested "repeatedly disobeyed" the National Police agents who went to the health centre after being called.

Two men of Moroccan nationality were arrested at dawn last Saturday after a struggle with two security guards from the Molina Orosa Hospital, who were injured.

As one of those affected has told La Voz, the events took place around 03:30 a.m., when the men appeared in the emergency room claiming that they were wounded. "They wanted to enter to be treated because they said they had been attacked, but when they raised their jackets I didn't see anything," says one of the guards.

During the attack one security guard fell and injured his hand, the police arrested them for repeatedly disobeying the agents and refusing to provide their identity.They are now awaiting sentence.