Update: A Baby Dies in a Multiple Accident in Playa Blanca


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UPDATE: After conflicting reports in the British Press here's the facts so far as reported by La Voz. The driver who caused the accident showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as reported by the Yaiza City Council. The woman investigated is a 23-year-old woman of British origin and resident in Playa Blanca .

However, the Yaiza Local Police, in charge of investigating the report, keeps the investigation open.

As you may remember, the accident took place on Monday afternoon on Archipiélago Street when a vehicle ran over seven people who were walking on the sidewalk. A five-month-old baby died at the same time and six other people were injured to varying degrees. These were four women, two of them had severe multiple trauma and the other two had moderate multiple contusions, and two men had moderate trauma to a leg.

The Yaiza City Council extends its solidarity to the victims and families and appreciates the coordinated intervention of all security and emergency forces.

A five-month-old baby died in a multiple collision on Monday afternoon in Playa Blanca, as reported by the CECOES. In addition, two women have been seriously injured and three other people with moderate injuries.

The accident took place around 6:30 p.m. on Archipiélago Avenue in front of the Flamingo hotel in the southern town. The people, English tourists, were walking on the sidewalk when the vehicle hit them.

For now, the causes of the accident are unknown, although as reported by the Consortium, the driver indicated that the direction of the vehicle had been blocked . However, the Civil Guard will be in charge of the investigation to clarify what has happened.

One of the injured has been transferred to the airport to be evacuated to Doctor Negrín, the rest of those affected have been transferred to Molina Orosa.

After being alerted by the CECOES, agents from the Local Police, Civil Guard, Firefighters, three ambulances and a helicopter have traveled to the scene.

Psychologists have been sent from the Emergency Consortium to assist the affected tourists.

A baby dies in a multiple collision in Playa Blanca

A baby dies in a multiple collision in Playa Blanca

For its part, the Yaiza City Council expresses "its solidarity with the victims and their families of the multiple accidents", as well as "total respect for the investigation of the events by the authorities." Finally, they thank the security and emergency forces activated in this sad event for their work.