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The pages that offer vacation rentals are becoming a kind of catch-all where everything fits. The current situation has led to even a small cabin or wooden hut being offered as tourist accommodation for 53 euros per night, plus Airbnb service fees.

An owner has decided to offer an "eco-cabin" in the middle of the Haría countryside and with views of the La Corona Volcano. Under the name of SkyCabin, this infrastructure is simply a triangle-shaped construction and a "Canadian" cabin type that is built in a manner. In it, it offers a double bed, bedding and towels. While a rudimentary toilet, shower and kitchen are outside the cabin .

This owner defends in her advertisement that it is "a sustainable space" and that the accommodations "respect the environment and are integrated into the environment using minimal light and warm colors."

Regarding the disposal of fecal water , the bathroom is "dry", that is, it does not have water, only a bucket and a garbage bag and its waste is destined to create "compost" for the growth of plants. .

Despite this, this advertiser defends its respect for the environment and advocates for the economic, creative, educational and sustainable economy and accommodation in Lanzarote.


A toilet bowl with views of the La Corona Volcano
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A cabin in the middle of the field
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The kitchen of the house
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