When will Boris Johnson stop giving Covid variants a sporting chance? | Marina Hyde


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It seems the virus is the only thing ministers are happy to see crossing the UK’s borders without getting tied up in red tape

It’s been encouraging to hear for yonks now that this idea of quarantining overseas arrivals in hotels will finally get around to being discussed at today’s meeting of the government’s Covid-O committee. The O stands for “Oh my God, I hate Mondays, let’s sack it off till Tuesday instead”. I know none of us wishes to come off as impatient, but what are we actually doing here – trying to give the new variants a sporting chance?

Intriguing that even at this stage the UK should regard itself as the scratch golfer of pandemic-handling, happy to allow the virus 32 shots, endless mulligans and several weeks of frictionless travel. Then again, maybe you have to take your wins where you can. For the past month, the virus has been the only thing able to cross our borders without getting tied up in red tape.

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