Woman Rescued at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen


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A woman was rescued from the sea on the dock of Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen. According to Silke Buchner, a witness to the event, he was in the area and when he saw the woman who was in trouble due to the strong waves " I ran to the beach to look for the lifeguard who immediately jumped into the water to rescue the woman.

"However, due to the huge waves, the lifeguard couldn't get her out of the water, so the guys from the Beach Bar threw a life preserver attached to a rope for them to hold onto. They tried to pull both of them out but it wasn't possible due to the force from the big waves crashing against the wall and the rocks, "explains Silke.

Seeing that it was impossible to get her out of the water, the lifeguard asked that Emerlan be called and in a few minutes an NGO boat arrived at the scene. The lifeguard and the woman managed to swim to the boat, but "it was still difficult to get the woman out of the water and onto the boat."

Silke Buchner ends her story by giving "congratulations to all those involved for having saved a life in Lanzarote"