Your Room is Ready!


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The Local Police of Arrecife inspected this Tuesday the premises that were offered on the Airbnb platform advertising “shared room” and where tourists - after making reservations, and showing up at that establishment in the capital of Lanzarote - found “campaign booths”.

The mayor of Arrecife, Yonathan de León, after learning - through news broadcast by various media - of the existence of this type of "tourist activity" in the municipality, requested that the Local Police, the body for which he is directly responsible, That premises would be verified and inspected, and the corresponding police report would be initiated.

The local agents went to the premises - which previously housed the Kitea store as La Voz has learned - and where those responsible allowed the police officers free access to the interior of the property.

In the investigations carried out by the Local Police, the existence of multiple tents, shared bathrooms and toilets, and their probable use as “accommodation establishments” are recorded.

Tourism regulations in the Canary Islands determine that any establishment dedicated to tourist activity requires prior authorization, in addition to meeting certain requirements and characteristics. That aforementioned premises did not display or provide, as determined by Canary Islands regulations, its corresponding plates and authorization number.

The mayor of the city, Yonathan de León, has detailed that the minutes drawn up by the Local Police "will be sent from the Arrecife City Council to the Tourism Department of the Government of the Canary Islands, so that through its Tourism Inspection Department they can act accordingly. consequence" .

Yonathan de León has reiterated that "Arrecife and Lanzarote are among the preferred destinations for national and foreign tourists, where we have a wide range of regulated, quality accommodation. We do not wish nor do we want this type of 'tourist activity' to be in our city. We work for a better type of tourism where really when you arrive on the island you find the accommodation product that you have contracted and planned."